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In my professional career, I have dedicated myself to the mission of successfully establishing newspapers, publishing houses and agencies on the market.
In doing so, I’ve learned one thing: you only have a future if you can keep on reinventing yourself. This knowledge applies now more than ever, as half-lives are getting increasingly shorter for both agencies and their clients. That’s why I aggregate my experience at Signition to support our clients in reinventing themselves and join them in working out ongoing development for a successful future. To do so, you have to bring together the right people, ideas and technology, internally and externally, that fulfil their tasks with enthusiasm and passion. That’s what I stand for.


Signition Holding

Using yesterday’s experience and today’s technology to sell enough of the old today to shape financial and temporal resources for the development and establishment of the new business models of tomorrow.

This is the only way to set the right course for tomorrow!


Signition Holding
Founder & Strategic Advisor

‘We help our clients transform themselves and reinvent themselves more rapidly time and again, so they can adapt to changing conditions. The skill is in continuing to earn money with their existing portfolio and financing the transformation process. This is challenging, exciting, illuminating and terribly satisfying – when it works.’

Few markets are changing to the extent and at the speed at which ‘mobility’ is changing.
We spotted this early on, and specialised in the transformation process in this sector. Our approach tends to be more practical and pragmatic than those of classic large consulting firms. Our principle is called ‘Pilot to Profit’. It is founded in business. We create scalable models in start-up mode that are profitable from the beginning or very early on. This is achieved through the right strategy and use of a large, healthy network that facilitates the formation of meaningful cooperations and partnerships from which everyone benefits. This goes so far as to bring together whole economic areas in one new joint context, e.g. local mobility. Here, we help project developers and property firms avoid ‘wasting’ expensive urban development space on parking yet still be able to offer a perfect, individual mobility concept in the new neighbourhood. This also happens with other industries – such as the automobile industry, which sees itself less as a car manufacturing sector and more as a mobility service provider, integrating its products and services in this area and related mobility concepts.
This and other exciting projects, where we use and translate what we’ve learned, let us put our motto ‘Create Future Profits Today’ into practice every day, in each of our projects.


Unique 1
Managing Director

At the end of the day, it’s all about numbers. About positive numbers – and I know them well.
If you want to positively impact your client’s numbers and create future profits today for the client, you must have your own numbers under control and be able to amass enough substance into one difficult transaction.
This is the only way to develop intelligent and often expensive tools, retain good people and acquire new talent. By having our numbers in hand, I also have a positive impact on your numbers. Today and in the future.


Signition Holding

‘Form follows function’ – this also, or especially, applies to communication. The destination defines the route. Not the other way around.
Each brief must measure ‘now’ what it does for the brand’s future.

Creation must be flexibly adaptable and implemented agilely. But you needn’t even get started without a big, creative yet simple idea.


Signition Holding

Being able to adapt our positioning ‘Create Future Profits Today’ to the specific needs of a client whose core business promises exactly this for their end customer makes for a perfect match.

The Blue Green One is active at the DVAG both on site and cross-media in the fields of creation & consulting. For the DVAG, we combine the best of 2 worlds: expert know-how resulting from years of collaboration and the required knowledge on the sales-promoting, digital tools of the future.


The Blue Green One
Managing Director

We see it as our duty to ensure holistic communication for the end consumer while recognizing and exploiting efficiencies and synergies for our customers. Thanks to the wide range of expertise within our company, we have shorter paths and can implement measures in a targeted and agile manner. We support our customers in an advisory capacity and help them to identify the need for optimization with regard to future challenges.


Trade Force
Managing Director

If it talks like a duck, bringing a towel was indeed a good idea … for me, this means simplifying complex issues, doing the obvious, working in an agile manner, supporting each other and never underestimating the practical value of experience.


Signition Holding CTO &
Managing Director Digital Workshop

Before you can fly as a butterfly tomorrow, you will have to work hard as a caterpillar today.

Transformation can be an arduous process. When the first cells form inside a caterpillar that initiate the transformation into a butterfly, they are massively fought and killed by the caterpillar's immune system. Only when a sufficiently large number of butterfly cells interconnect does the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly take place.
If the narrow opening of the cocoon is widened with help from the outside, the liberated butterfly can only flutter helplessly, but will never fly. Only the own sustained effort to get out into the open pushes the wings completely out of the body. 

As a strategy consultant I help to drive things from the inside – but always keep an outside perspective as well.


The Blue Green One
Transformation Strategy Advisor


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